3D Printer (Flashforge Creator Pro) & Print Settings

I’ve always love making things and have been using my milling machine for a while.

Sherline CNC Milling Machine and Workspace
Sherline CNC Milling Machine and Workspace

Hence, I was super excited when I got my hands on my first 3D printer, the Flashforge Creator Pro.

Flashforge Creator Pro
Flashforge Creator Pro


I did some experiments with various filaments (PLA, ABS, NinjaFlax) and found that the following settings produce good results with the printer.


Best Settings for PLA

  • Extruders: 200°C
    Higher temperature creates a stronger bond, however too high a temperature and the result will be stringy and too low a temperature and the layers will not bond properly.
  • Build Platform: 50°C on glass, 0°C when using blue tape
    High temperatures will cause the blue tape to not work properly.
  • Feed Rate: 60mm/sec (3600mm/min)
    Higher print speeds requires a higher temperature as filament are extruding at a faster rate.
  • Travel Feed Rate: 100mm/sec (6000mm/min)


Best Settings for NinjaFlex

  • Extruders: 215°C
  • Build Platform: 30°C
  • Feed Rate: 10mm/sec (600mm/min)
  • Use the same speed for the the first layer as well
  • Travel Feed Rate: 100mm/s = 6000mm/min
  • Retraction: 2mm


Best Settings for ABS

  • Extruders: 240C
  • Bed: 110C
  • Feed Rate: 50mm/s = 3000mm/min
  • Feed Rate for Larger Surfaces: 40mm/s = 2400mm/min
  • Travel Feed Rate: 100mm/s = 6000mm/min
  • Fan cooling speed : 20%


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