Problems Connecting Your 3D Printer to Simplify3D?

To connect your 3D printer to Simplify3D, select “Tools > Machine Control Panel” from the top menu.

Simplify3D - Machine Control Panel
Simplify3D – Machine Control Panel


If you see an error that says “Permission error connecting to port… Error opening selected port.”

Simplify3D - Printer Connection Error
Simplify3D – Printer Connection Error


Be sure to stop the background service if you have MakerWare installed.

MakerWare - Stop Background Service
MakerWare – Stop Background Service


Check that you have connected to the correct COM port and Baud Rate.

1) Open Device Manager and double-click the port for the printer (be sure to connect and turn on the printer… duh…)

Device Manager
Device Manager

2) Set the Baud Rate (11,600 worked for me). Slower Baud Rate such as 9,600 does not seem to work well.

Device Manager - MightyBoard
Device Manager – MightyBoard

3) Set the same Baud Rate in Simplify3D and connect.

Simplify3D - Machine Control Panel - Connected
Simplify3D – Machine Control Panel – Connected

Good luck & happy printing!


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